EAST BAY COMIC-CON Comic Book and Fantasy shows  

February 12th, 2017 (Tenative)
1970 Diamond Blvd, Concord, CA
East Bay's Best 1 Day Original Comic Book Show!
Sun. 10:00am TO 4:30pm

Admission is Only $8.00 and sold at the doorSave $2 by buying tickets in Advance!
(Children under 8yrs are Free)

Come join the fun and excitement of the Contra Costa County's Biggest and Best 1 Day Comic Book, Toy and Fantasy Convention.

East Bay Comic Con
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For a good stretch in the mid-to-late '70s and early '80s, cult favorite P.J. Soles seemed to have a monopoly on roles calling for a sexy, funny, energetic young woman with attitude. In a remarkable five-year span, Soles appeared in a slew of iconic hits: Carrie and The Boy In The Plastic Bubble (both 1976), Halloween (1978), Breaking Away (1979), Private Benjamin (1980), and Stripes (1981). But Soles is best known for playing the world's most enthusiastic Ramones fan in the raucous 1979 comedy Rock 'N' Roll High School by Roger Corman. Since then, Soles has continued to pop up in projects like Shake, Rattle And Rock! (a 1994 TV movie that reunited her with Rock 'N' Roll High School director Allan Arkush and co-star Dey Young), Jawbreaker (1999), and The Devil's Rejects (2005), a shocker by noted Soles super-fan Rob Zombie.


Writer, physicist, social media maven and all around swell guy, Matt Hawkins has published over 1,000 comic books in his 22 year career at Image Comics and Top Cow and created and/or written many including Think Tank, Aphrodite IX, Lady Pendragon, Tales of Honor, Wildfire, Postal,The Tithe & Symmetry. And despite producing TV series, feature films and video games still considers himself to be a comic book dude.
Ron was "discovered" by Marvel at a 1987 comic convention, and was hired on the spot. He penciled the Silver Surfer (vol. 3) series for almost six years (1988-1994). He also penciled most of the "Infinity" trilogy of large scale crossover limited series which Marvel published in the early 1990s - Infinity Gauntlet (1991), Infinity War (1992) and Infinity Crusade (1993). He returned to these characters to pencil the Thanos series in 2004.
Other titles he has contributed to include Captain America (1990-1991), Dragon Lines (1993), X-Men 2099 (1993), Spider-Man Unlimited, Sovereign Seven (1998-1999), J2 (1998-1999), and Badger (late 1980s), and Sonic the Hedgehog comic series at Archie Comics.
Ron was a founding contributor to the ill-fated publisher Future Comics and, in 2002, penciled their fourth series, Metallix, for six issues.
Ron has also penciled Avengers Next and the Fantastic Five with Tom DeFalco for Marvel Comics. And he is currently working on a new Iron Man/Dr. Doom story for Marvel Comics. He is also the current artist on the comic adaptation of Laurell K. Hamilton's "Guilty Pleasures".

Liam Sharp is an artist, writer and publisher. He made his debut in the late 1980s drawing Judge Dredd for 2000ad. He later designed and drew Marvel UK's best-selling title ever, Death's Head II. In the United States, he has worked on comics including the X-Men, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Venom, Man-Thing (for Marvel Comics), Superman, Batman (for DC), The Possessed and Gears of War (for DC/Wildstorm), Spawn: The Dark Ages (for Image) Red Sonja (for Dynamite comics) and Testament (for DC/Vertigo.) Liam has also worked on more mature themed books drawing Frank Frazetta's The Death Dealer (Verotik), and a strip originated by Stan Winston called Realm of the Claw. Liam also worked on designs for the movies "Lost in Space," "Small Soldiers" and the animated series "Batman Beyond," as well as a series of major advertising campaigns. Liam recently finished an Aliens graphic novella Aliens: Fast Track to Heaven for Dark Horse.
Although recently recognized for his pencil work on projects like HBO's GAME OF THRONES, Dan is likely best known for his ink work on the STAR WARS comic books for Dark Horse Comics . From 2002 until the end of 2014 Dan inked over 150 STAR WARS comics across numerous titles for that publisher, including LEGACY, KNIGHTS of the OLD REPUBLIC, JEDI, CLONE WARS and many others. Dan has more recently finished inking a new NIGHTWING series for DC COMICS and is currently working on illustrating new AVATAR: The Last Airbender and STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS projects.

Richard started his career in such classical plays as "The Miser" and "A Month in the Country". With several summer stock runs, Shakespearean bus-and-truck tours and industrial films under his belt, he finally made his New York debut in the minor role of an usher in The Dress Circle" at Carnegie Hall. He also became a member of the Player's Club.

Making a highly inauspicious film debut in the minor role of a coach in the film Hercules in New York (1969), which was the showcase debut for the massively-muscled Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard didn't settle in Hollywood until the mid 1970s portraying the role of Watergate figure James McCord in All the President's Men (1976). Richard made a handful of other movies in the 70’s (I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (1977), F.I.S.T. (1978), The China Syndrome (1979), The Onion Field (1979)), he appeared with much more frequency on TV, playing stern, authoritarian types on episodes of "Kojak," "The Rockford Files," "The Streets of San Francisco," (starring the similar-looking Karl Malden), "Rafferty," "Eight Is Enough" and "Starsky & Hutch," as well as in the TV movies Pueblo (1973), Captains and the Kings (1976), The Hunted Lady (1977), Dr. Scorpion (1978), Kate Bliss and the Ticker Tape Kid (1978), Terror Out of the Sky (1978) (TV)_, Marciano (1979) (TV)_ and, most notably, Ike: The War Years (1980) in which he portrayed General Omar Bradley.

On stage he appeared in a pre-Broadway tryout of "On the Waterfront" and played in productions of "Other People's Money" and "The Big Knife". His finest hour on stage, however, would come with his portrayal of the epic film producer in the one-man show "Cecil B. DeMille Presents," which he has toured throughout the country.
On TV, Richard has guested on most of the popular TV programs of late, including "Desperate Housewives" and CSI: Miami" and is probably best remembered for his recurring roles as Admiral Noyce on SeaQuest 2032 (1993), as Jason Alexander's boss Wilhelm in the sitcom classic Seinfeld (1989) and as Admiral Owen Paris in Star Trek: Voyager (1995). A few of his lightweight cinematic crowd-pleasers include Private Benjamin (1980), Deal of the Century (1983), Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987) and Sgt. Bilko (1996).

 On occasion Richard has moved into the director/producer/writer's chair. He directed the play "Idle Wheels" for the Road Theatre Company in North Hollywood, was a producer of the N.Y. play "Agamemnon" and co-producer (and performer) of the play "The Couch with the Six Insides," and, as a playwright, had a presentation of his play "Prisoner of the Crown" produced at Dublin's Abbey Theatre.

Five-time Eisner nominee and Inkpot winner Dan Brereton has garnered critical praise and a loyal fan base over the last 25 years for his vibrant painted comics, illustrations and stories. He considers comics a perfect medium, and is fond of talking about his obsession with monsters , history, pulp and crime fiction and a general love of stories. His creator-owned comics work includes NOCTURNALS, GIANTKILLER, THE PSYCHO (with James Hudnall) and THE LAST BATTLE (with Tito Faraci).
Dan's currently writing and illustrating a four- part arc for DC Comics Digital First's LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT and prepping a new volume of NOCTURNALS in time for its 20th Anniversary.
Popular mainstream credits include: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT, BATMAN:THRILLKILLER, JLA: SEVEN CASKETS, RED HULK, SUPERMAN: SILVER BANSHEE, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, THE SIMPSONS TREEHOUSE OF HORROR, CLIVE BARKER'S DREAD, RED SONJA, LEGENDS OF THE WORLD'S FINEST, THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST, VAMPIRELLA, THOR and PUNISHER: FRANKENCASTLE. His artwork has graced the comic covers such characters as Captain America, Creepy, Conan, Hellraiser, Godzilla, GI Joe, Animal Man, Sargent Rock, Lobo, Dracula and many more . He painted 15 cards for the now classic Fleer Ultra 94' X-Men trading card set, several Topps' Mars Attacks covers and sets , and Blizzards's World of Warcraft trading card game, and Star Wars for Wizards of the Coast. His client list includes The Walt Disney Co., NBC, Hasbro and many more. Dan has also contributed art to horrormeister Rob Zombie's albums HELLBILLY DELUXE and HELLBILLY DELUXE 2. THE LAST BATTLE, set during the heyday of Julius Caesar, was #4 on the Top 100 best selling Graphic Novels of 2011.
 Phantomcanvas.com offers museum-quality prints and vibrant posters of his work. Visit him on Facebook or www.nocturnals.com

Mark Badger drew assorted superhero comics from Batman: Jazz and Run Riddler Run to Spiderman Online for AOL and Marvel, among others during the 80's and 90's.The super heroes were often confronted by unusual issues such as jazz, racism, gentrification, sweat shops, and unions along with confronting the more usual threats of giant robots, dastardly villains and monsters. His online comics led to game and web development along with teaching ActionScript and HTML for 15 years. He's returned to comics now and is currently adapting William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and working on Abstract Kirby, which melds his lifelong interests of Jack Kirby, storytelling and abstraction. His latest work is Just Draw, a manual for the stressed out artists to get their work done.

An artist since age 9, I graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, with a BFA in Illustration. I've been working steadily since then, in both advertising and comics.
I have extensive experience in layouts, comps, and storyboards, with clients such as Coca Cola, Mattel, and Nike.
I've also been producing comics for Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse Comics, and many others throughout my illustration career.
Nate Watson has illustrated comic books featuring well-known properties including Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Toy Story and The Croods. In 2010 he joined Lucasfilm Animation as a Visual Development artist on Star Wars Detours, and realized a lifelong dream of working in the field of animation. He is currently illustrating the digital-first comic series The Incapeables for Thrillbent, various Coloring Books for Dreamworks Consumer Products, and his creator-owned series Runner, which will be published sometime in 2014.
Timothy B. Vigil is an American comic book artist, mostly working in the horror/adult genre. His main graphic novel Faust (with co-creator David Quinn) was adapted by Brian Yuzna as the 2001 movie Faust: Love of the Damned. The followup Faust: Book of M, was nominated for the 1999 Bram Stoker Award for Best Illustrated Narrative. He received his first popular exposure for his work on the comic title Grips, published by the defunct publisher Silverwolf Comics.

Joe Weems is an Illustrator and Harvey award nominated Inker of some repute (probably ill amongst his editors). For more then 20 years He’s been Inking Comic books and has worked for pretty much every major publisher. Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, David Finch, Joe Benitez, Brandon Peterson, Dale Keown and Whilce Portacio are just a few of the Amazing Artists he’s had the honor of collaborating with over the years.
In 2000-2005 Joe was employed by the Skateboard company Darkstar and drew all of their Illustrated decks, wheels and misc. merchandise. His slick and sharp approach to the art form can be seen on such titles as Aphrodite IX, Arcanum, the Darkness, Fathom, Hulk: The End, Hunter/Killer,The Magdalena, New X-Men, Vengeance of Vampirella, Weapon Zero, Wraithborn and more!
Currently He is the monthly Inker on World’s Finest for DC Comics.
Chris Northrop is a digital colorist for comic books, films, and video games. At Top Cow Productions his work can be seen in Cyber Force, Artifacts, and IX Generation. Chris is also a Harvey Award nominated creator and writer, featured in both USA Today and the Hollywood Reporter. His creator owned books are The Reason for Dragons (BOOM! Studios), Beer-O: Meanwhile in the Valley (Magnetic Press), and Swinetooth and the Moonbats.

Chris's Appearance is brought to us by the Good Folks at TOP COW PRODUCTIONS. Chris will be signing at the TOP COW Booth inside the Exhibitors Room, Table #88, Right when you walk in the door.

Ethan Castillo is an 11-year-old aspiring comic artist that loves Spider-man. He started drawing at Big WOW! ComicFest's Artist's Alley at 8-years-old and dreams of working for Marvel Comics. His credits include being a pin-up colorist for Anchor Comics "The Original" and a contributor to the Pinoy Komiks: Filipino Comic Anthology Kickstarter project to benefit the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. He has also created original artwork for Netflix DVD holiday mailers. Ethan will have his latest sketchbook "I Still Hate Spiders!" available for sale as well as sketches and prints.

Graphic illustrator & painter Emonic has been making waves on the comic convention circuit and art gallery receptions with his high octane fueled live art shows over most of the last decade. Emonic (aka Emo Gonzales) has been creating art since he was a child. As a youth he was heavily influenced by skateboarding, comic books, music, movies and graphic design. When working on projects he will often employ a mix of mediums ranging from traditional means (pencil, acrylic and marker) to digital manipulation. He’s worked on a comic book project “Gevaudan” and has several other comic projects in the works. Emonic will be available for commission work at the event and will have several of his masterful art/sketchbook collections & prints for sale. Emonic resides in Milpitas,CA. www.emonic.net
William Brent is an illustrator/designer whose work covers the Rock & Roll, film, & animation industries going back over 40 years. During his 14 years at Bill Grahams' Winterland Productions, William created promotional art for Rock music that include Pantera, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, as well asTV & film projects such as Jurassic Park, Star Trek, & many others. One of his favorite subjects is wildlife. Over the years he has created illustrations for National Parks & zoos all across the United States. His Pin-up art for Las Vegas can be seen on Fremont St. all the way to the Luxor Pyramid. Digital animation work includes storyboards, concept art, matte painting, & texture mapping for IMAX Attractions, computer games, & simulator rides.
Mike Hampton has been self-publishing comics for over 15 years, with popular indie titles such as “Captain A-hole” and “Hot Zombie Chicks”. Since 2012 Mike has been a regular contributor to Topps as a sketch card artist for Mars Attacks, and most notably Star Wars including Galactic Files Series 1 & 2, Masterworks, and the late 2015 Hi Tek set. Also in 2015 Mike had a piece of work featured in the official Robot Chicken 10th Anniversary Art Show. Mike is also a regular artist featured on The Howard Stern Show’s website and social media sites. He is also known for his clever mash-ups and stylized pinups of some of pop-culture’s most famous characters. Also a colorist and graphic designer, Mike has worked on images for the City of San Pablo, Dark Horse Comics, the San Diego Comic-Con Souvenir Book, AIG, and the Golden State Warriors. www.MikeHamptonArt.com
Brandon Bracamonte' Brandon (aka The Bracamonster) debuted as a self-publisher with his 2008 comic book “Hey, Rube!” and immediately followed up with the popular indie title “The Mustache Ride”. His unique style on pop-culture art comes from many years of a professional award-winning tattoo artist, with over 60 award winning tattoos. Partial owner of “Imperious Rex” a popular tattoo shop in Sacramento, his art has been featured in such publications as “Skin & Ink”, and “Tattoo Magazine”. Brandon is also a contributor to the Topps Star Wars sketch card sets, including Galactic Files series 1 & 2, and the popular 2015 Masterworks. Brandon’s work has also been published in the San Diego Comic-Con Souvenir Book, and Boom Studios. www.Bracamonster.com
Mike Capozzola is a Bay Area based stand up comedian and a published cartoonist. He's also appeared in a batch of TV commercials that you've shut off. His cartoon work work has appeared in MAD Magazine, TED Talks, WIRED, The Humor Times and The Best of McSweeney's. He's contributed over 40 premises to the award-winning, nationally syndicated cartoon, "BIZARRO." Mike's appeared several times at SF SketchFest and has performed in in the U.K. Israel and Canada. Other jobs have included three different species of mascot, a police sketch artist, substitute teacher and taxi driver. (Less exciting than the film) www.Capozzola.com
Sinclair Klugarsh was born of a jackal, and raised by carnies & drag queens.
In the intervening years he has been the singer for a metal band, the host of Horror TV (Berkeley, Ca.), a shopping mall Santa Claus, and a dad.
Der Klug (as he is known by his German groupies) learned to draw by drawing. His first published work was uncredited inking assists for the legendary Mick Gray, on Batman & Robin, and Jonah Hex (over Ryan Sook), before designing concert posters (Faith No More, The Sonics, (the) Melvins, etc), and book covers.
He is an incredibly lucky person, who has recently begun work on the autobiographical graphic novel about the death, betrayal, embezzlement, abuse, and drug addiction that defined his family.
Find him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @klugart.

Balrok Del Cavo- the myth, the demon, the enigma! We are truly blessed to have met this cave dwelling merchant of fun. You can ask him any question that might be trapped in your mortal brain!
We won’t lie and we have no macho hang-ups so it’s easy to say Melissa Laroue is the toughest cast member in the cave. This Marine is always ready for action, and she can cook as well! Meet the whole package at East Bay Comic Con!
Watch your language and treat this one with the utmost respect, or you’re going to get a bump on the head! Faye Fatale is going to be hanging with the creepy crew at East Bay Comic Con! Responds best to diamonds and champagne!
Straight off the boat! This little varmint is full of fun facts and book learned knowledge. That’s right, Webberly the fact rat will be at East Bay Comic Con! Come down and take a selfie with a real life laboratory experiment gone horribly right!
Is she a witch or a wizard? She can make drinks vanish and has been known to throw explosions from her fingertips! It’s the one and only Madison! A cave girl to the bone and she will be at East Bay Comic Con! Come on out to meet and greet with your favorite creeps!
That should be enough, just the name puts a big smile on our faces! This cave girl is truly crazy in the best possible way! Between brightening up the cave and beating fools down at Hoodslam we were blown away that she was willing to hang out! No more excuses, you gotta come out!
Slob will be on the spot, looking for loose change and any extra drinks that might be kicking around! Come on down to East Bay Comic Con! and get abused by the best. What more could you hope for? A photo opportunity of the lowest caliber!
Keep checking back for updates on Guests.


10:00 am to 4:30 pm BOTH Exhibitor Room's OPEN!

11:00 - 12:00 *PANEL ROOM 1-Tales, Myths and Heroes of Power
Forced out by her former comrades and left to rot on a barren planet. A woman steps into the deep - Continue the tale with Algorythm Comics as they proudly present their newest project: Quasar Soldiers.
11:00 - 12:00 *PANEL ROOM 2-BE INDEPENDENT (A Guide To Deciding You're a Filmmaker)
Members of Ampersand Film Studios, and up-and-coming independent film group, talk about what it takes to start making movies without training, money, a fancy studio, or even a fancy camera! Founding Ampersand Film Studios members Kane Ashton (writer/director/actor) and Johnna Joy Ashton (director/costumer/actor) are joined by other lead cast and crew members Em Woods, Haley Ashton, and Matt Skinner in a rip-roaring romp through do-it-yourself film production!

12:00 - 1:00 *PANEL ROOM-1 Workshop - Just Draw 101 (in 4 Panels)
Have you ever wanted to get started drawing comics and can't? Have you ever wanted to finish you story and can't? Just Draw 101 will teach you techniques to finish your work stay focused and get the drawings done. We'll create some simple characters and build out stories in their lives so you have a way to start your career in comics.
Mark Badger has drawn comics all his life working for Marvel and DC to a variety of non-profits. He has combined that with his passion for teaching computer skills to artist to create Just Draw as a way to develop his own work and pass skills on to others.

12:00 - 1:00 *PANEL ROOM 2- Comedian Mike Capozzola

Comedian Mike Capozzola's one-man multimedia comedy show about sci-fi, zombies, secret agents, werewolves, movie trailers and caped crusaders.


Join local Costumer/Cosplayer Matt O'Connor (ALIEN MATT) as he gives tips and instruction on how to create a costume using simple tools and things you can find around the house (or don't cost TOO much). This is a great panel (conceived right here at EBCC last year) for the person who wants to start Cosplaying, but doesn't know where too start.

1:00 - 2:00 *PANEL ROOM-2 A Spotlight On RICHARD HERD
Join us for an great spotlight on one of our Special Guests at this years EBCC. A great opportunity to hear about his long career in TV and Movies and finish it off with a Q/A session.

2:00 - 3:00 *PANEL ROOM 1- The Jack Kirby Museum presents The Graphic Apocalypse

Loosely based on the the ground breaking show Comic Book Apocalypse Bruce Simon and Bruce Simon bring an overview of the show, stories of Jack from when Bruce hung out with him and an ongoing discussion about what makes Jack's work so fantastic.

2:00 - 3:00 *PANEL ROOM-2 A Spotlight On P.J. SOLES
Here's a great chance to find out what it was like to work on some of the greateast Horror Film of our time. And what it was like to work with The Ramones and Bill Murray. Followed by a Q/A for the fans.

Thats Right Fans.. Come dressed up as your favorite Comic Book, Fantasy, Game, Cartoon or Fiction Hero or Villian!
As always we encourage Cosplay and Costumes... but this year we are going to Have a Prize for the best ones. All Costumes will be Judged by Our Celebrity and Artist Guests.
We will have multiple Prizes for Multiple Catagories
Prizes Include...
Adult: Best Costume 1st Place $25.00
2nd Place$ 15.00
3rd & 4th Place$ 10.00 ea

Adult: Fan Favorite 1st Place $ 20.00

Children: (15 & Under) 1st Place $15.00
2nd & 3rd Place $10.00 ea

Children: Fan Favorite 1st Place $10.00

NO: Nudity or Heckling
Costumes can be home made and store bought
Extra points for creativity
Props can be used, Be respectful of others
Must registered the day of show. Sign up at the Registration.
Must be a paid attendee of the convention.
Children's category is for ages 15 and under.
Adult's category is for ages 16 and up.
Couples costumes or group costumes will be counted as one entry.

4:00 - 4:30 *PANEL ROOM 2-
At (about) 4:00 pm, (After the Costume Contest) Come take pictures with the Fans, and EVERYONE IN COSTUME is invited to take a group "photo shoot" to be used on the EBCC website and Face Book for all to see. Afterwards get great tips on the Proper Way to Be A Cosplay Photographer.



The First 500 PAID attendees will receive one of 2 different Prints done by our EBCC guest's...Liam Sharp and Dan Parsons. These are both Amazing pieces of art and you can get them signed by the artist while at the show. Here is the "Swamp Thing" print by Liam Sharp and the "Star Wars/Game of Thrones" print by Dan Parsons.

And MORE to Come!

So keep checking this website for more details

There will be dealers from all over selling everything from Golden Age Comics, Original Comic Art, Posters, T-Shirts, Back Issue Comics, New Comics, Manga, Beanies, Pokemon and Lots More!

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